Monday, 28 May 2012

I've run out of things to say...

I feel like I've sort of run out of things to talk about on here. I'm just playing the waiting game for now. The only thing that's new is I completely finished my to-do list: got all of my cavities filled and finalized my insurance. I'm still continuing to eat healthy and workout. I'm proud of myself for keeping up with the diet and exercise plan. I haven't lost anymore weight, but I'm pretty happy with where I'm at. I originally wanted to lose 10 more pounds, but I'm not sure if it's worth it to work really hard to get them off if I may be pregnant soon. So, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. If I lose more though, I'll be happy!

I finished reading those three preconception books I talked about on my previous post and even started doing the workouts they suggested. I've also been doing yoga once a week.

My insurance is ready to go for pregnancy. I stayed on the same plan but added short term disability. This will pay me about 3000 over the 8 weeks I would be unable to work. We also put 2000 on a flexible spending account. It's tax free so it will save us 20%. So far, I have 20 sick/personal days that I've saved up over the years. So, I'll get full pay for that month or so, and then get the disability on top of that. I'm glad we got it all figured out. My husband seems to be more excited and less anxious now that we have the cost sorted out.

1. Preconception appointment
2. Start prenatal vitamins

3. Vaccinations
4. Obgyn search
5. Go off the pill

6. Insurance
4. Start and stick to a workout schedule
7. Lose weight
8. Eat only "real" food (nothing processed)
9. Have cavities filled
10. Read up!

It also looks like a whole lot will change next year at work. New principal, departmentalizing for the first time, and a new teaching partner. I teach first grade outside of Dallas and this was my fourth year of teaching. I was really upset at first to find out about all of these changes, but now I think they are for the better. God always has a plan. I need to learn to trust him more.

 I am used to teaching all 7 subjects, next year, I will only teach reading, writing, and word work. This means half the planning and preparation, and less trainings. Also, teaching language arts means you have a fairly calm and quiet classroom with a little more sitting. I think this will be a plus if I'm pregnant. I'm really trying to have a positive attitude about it all! Also, my teaching partner is from my home town! How does that even happen?? She is so sweet and kind. I know God had a huge hand in this arrangement! 

I feel bad for never blogging. But I jut don't have a lot to say. Hopefully, in a couple months, I'll have lots to post about! I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel you guys... 9 weeks until August. 9 weeks...


Before Baby Lady

Friday, 4 May 2012

Two lines... finally!

No, I'm not talking about the two pink lines that mean your life has changed forever. I'm just talking about the two blue lines on the ovulation test. This morning, I took the seventh and final test in the ovulation pack.
 It came back with 2 blue lines!! yessss!

This makes me happy because for one, now I know I am actually ovulating! Hopefully, this will help me get pregnant faster when we do start trying. This was the 16th day of my cycle.

I'm interested to know when they will start to get more regular.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Ovulation Frustration!

I told you guys this would be my place to over share. If that's not your thing, skip this post! Please!

I've been trying to figure out when I ovulate. So maybe in a few months, it will be easier to get pregnant.

I took my last pill in March and had a period that was 6 days long. On the 9th day of my cycle, I felt cramps on my right side and sort of knew I was ovulating. I also gained 2 pounds over night and had some major cervical mucus. I remember this feeling from high school. Do any of you know when you're ovulating just by knowing your body? I think I can totally tell. Anyways, that cycle was 30 days long.

 Then, in April I got my period again. This was my first period after stopping the birth control and I had cramps for 2 weeks before my period and then an 8 day long period. Horrible. This makes me really miss the pill.

So currently for this month, after the 8 day period, I started doing ovulation tests to see when I was ovulating.  I bought the Equate brand from the store and used a test each morning for 6 days. It said to start testing on day 10. If you see two lines, you know you're ovulating or will be within 2 days. So Saturday, I took the first test and there was nothing. I took two more. Still nothing. The third test I took showed no lines. Great! So I guess it was faulty.  And the last two have had only one line. But, I had the same little cramps on the left side and more cervical mucus. So, I'm not sure if the tests just aren't working. Or maybe I'm doing it wrong.

The exciting news:  We have planned a baby making vacation! I think I ovulate at the beginning of the month. So, we are planning on taking a trip for our 3rd wedding anniversary at the beginning of August and start trying to make babies! I can't wait!

Here's the main question I have for you guys: Can you tell when you ovulate??