Thursday, 29 May 2014

Cycle #22. (good grief)

22... I can't believe that. But then, I can totally believe it because I can't even remember not trying to get pregnant anymore. Worst part is it seems to consume your life.

I've been going to an infertility doctor in Dallas. I said last time that he diagnosed me with PCOS. This is our second medicated cycle with an RE. Last month, the doctor messed up and told me to start clomid on day 2. I thought it was weird but wrote it down and even double checked with him. Then a few days later, the nurse said that was wrong and it should have been day 3. Starting one day early produced lots of little follicles and only one mature. I was pretty upset because that wouldn't help our chances much. But I put it in my heart that one or two of the smaller ones would catch up. Of course, they didn't and that cycle was BFN. And just like in my other cycles where I triggered (injection to release follicles that causes false positive pregnancy tests) my test was positive until my period arrived which made me think I was pregnant and have false hope  :( hate that so much. I also took progesterone pills during my tww. They. I was throwing up a lot and sick to my stomach for over two weeks. At the end of the cycle, the nurse said my lining was super thick which is also good.

This month, I started clomid on day 3. : ) I went on Tuesday and I had 2 very large follicles measuring 26 each on my left side. Last time they were on my right, so at least I know both sides work. Can I just say, my left ovary was KILLING me. I mean my gosh it hurt... feels like I'm smuggling easter eggs in there. Today, the cramping stopped though. I test on June 10th. Come on June 10th!! Hopefully, with the end of school, I'll be busy enough to keep my mind off of it. If this cycle fails, we will move on to injectables and IUI. Please pray we don't have to do that. I'm not sure about giving myself shots : /

Sunday, 4 May 2014


Yep. After almost 2 years my infertility doctor diagnosed me. He said its a very mild case though. This month I did 100 mg of clomid and a trigger shot. Tonight I start progesterone pills. I will be testing may 14. I could really use some prayers for staying hopeful and not stressing out. I am trying really hard to focus on my faith in God and trying to relax. 

We are going to do 2 rounds like this and then move on to injectables and iui. Glad we have a plan. Sorry I haven't posted in so long, there just wasn't much to post about :)