Wednesday, 16 October 2013

I guess we're starting IUI

After having all of our fertility testing finally complete, it looks like everything is normal except low morphology. My husband's numbers were all border line normal except count which was high and morphology was 2% the first time and 5% the second time. Our urologist and ob decided we should do IUI. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I'm excited to finally be doing something. I mean I've been trying to get knocked up for almost 16 months now.  I'm sad we couldn't get pregnant on our own. I feel like we failed, and all our hard work and tears were for nothing. I'm nervous about spending the money. I'm nervous because I feel like my husband isn't on board yet. He still thinks we should just keep trying and wait a while. But he did agree to going through with it in November. I'll start clomid around November 22nd I think, and go in for the IUI at the beginning of December. When I read online about the chances of success, it doesn't sound too hopeful. With low morphology, the odds are only about a 10-16% success rate. Yikes! I hope we will (finally) be one of the lucky ones and it will happen quickly. I'm also grateful for the chance that this could possibly work for us. Seriously holding my breath about the idea of twins... super exciting! Looks like I'll be posting more often once all of this is under way. : )