Friday, 9 August 2013

testing results are in

The semen analysis is complete and the results are back. My ob called on our way to Florida on Friday and said "the morphology was off a little bit." He suggested we see a fertility specialist. That's 'll I know. He didn't give me any numbers or anything and I didn't ask. So, he is going at the end of August. Don't know what to think or feel. Just sad.


  1. Oh dear. Please dont stress about one test. He really needs to have two test done in two months time to look at count and motility and shape blah blah.....I stress for two year because Jer's were so bad and then we had 2 done again and he is fine. I hope your apt goes great and everything is fine. Keep me posted.........I am praying for you two.

  2. I am new to your blog and trying to get pregnant myself....My heart goes out to you and your husband. Keep your head up. I have had several girlfriends struggle getting pregnant and through seeing fertility specialists all of them have gotten pregnant. They each had different issues but some needed IVF and some didn't. I wish you both luck and look forward to continue following.

  3. Thinking about you and praying for you, Girlie! All of my fingers are crossed for his next appointment!