Sunday, 8 February 2015

Where do we go now?

Hey girls! I so appreciate all of your prayers and sweet comments. I've had a rough few months. I think we've decided we are completely done with fertility treatments. We just can't do it any longer. If it's God's will, we will get pregnant. This decision has been a long time coming and we've put a lot of thought and prayer into it. Obviously, God's plan for our family was different than our plan. So, I'm desperately trying to understand what his plan IS for us.

My Christian counselor has given me a lot of good insight lately. Right now, we are discussing our options for adoption. We've barely done any research yet, but I am excited about this idea. My husband is so supportive and very open to this idea. Maybe this is what God has had planned for us all along.

I know we could use some prayers for direction. Prayers to clearly hear what God's will is in our lives. I'll keep you updated : )


  1. This is so exciting, we are also looking into adoption, but farther in the future as well. So many big questions go into adoption, domestic or international? Race other than ours? Boy or girl? Older or baby? What about addicted babies? And if the answer is no to the second or no to older children, I've been searching my soul to wonder, why can't I open my hear to say yes? And really examine! A lot of self discovery too. Oh, so many thoughts I wish I could type them all at once and make sense.
    Praying for you two heavily!

  2. I have been reading your journey for a long time, and I hope your decision not only brings you peace but hopefully a sweet child of your own. You obviously have a lot of love to give and your desire to be a Mother is quite strong. Any child whether of your own creation or adopted through love will be lucky to have you as a Mom. I hope you continue to document your journey. Good Luck to you!

  3. I was thinking of you and I haven't checked my blog in like a year. I am so sry for all that you have been through. I haven't done IVF. We started and the doc told me my eggs are old. We have had a lot of IUI and it took such a toll on us emotionally and financially. I was so consumed with having a baby. When the doc told me my chances are slim I went into a deep depression. After a few months of not thinking of trying it was a relief off my shoulders. We start to look at adoption and I realized I don't have to do it now. Jer and I can enjoy each other for how ever long heavenly father wants us to just be a couple. I'm only 34. I tell you all this to let you know your not alone and if you need to vent please email me. I have had you in my prayers for the last couple of year. Keep in touch.

  4. Ahhhh....I'm so behind and just reading this news. I'm ecstatic for you guys!!! I love getting to be a part of this journey and read your story. Wow...what an awesome God we's truly amazing to watch Him complete His work in our lives. Praying for you guys as you take these next steps. Eeek!! :)