Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Finding an obgyn

I have used the same obgyn for a few years. I was happy knowing she would be the one I would see when I found out I was pregnant! Last Monday, I remember thinking I should call and schedule a preconception appointment with her. On Tuesday, I got a letter in the mail saying she is no longer covered on my insurance. WHAT?!?

So being me, I sat down and started researching obgyns. HOLY SMOKES there are sooo many choices. We live in a very big city and let's just say I was overwhelmed.

Hubby and I made a game plan. Because we have different insurance, and we're not sure which insurance I will need to be on, we pulled the list of doctors that each of our insurance companies covers. Then, we deleted any doctor that wasn't on both of our insurances.

Then, I decided to go with only male doctors. Is it just me, or do ya'll have bad experiences with female doctors sometimes? They just aren't as kind to me sometimes. Not ALL of them. I loved my female obgyn that is no longer covered, but some of them. My sister told me that male doctors seem to sympathize with pregnancy more because they don't know what it's like. They have to be kind and understanding. This made sense to me. So I went with it.

I then deleted all the doctors that weren't super close to my work and home. Then, I started checking out their websites.

The first doctor I looked at, well he was in his 40's. And he looked nice ya'll! And by nice, I mean kind. friendly. normal.

And the cherry on top... he delivers at the best hospital ever. It's like a resort. AND on his website he had information on preconception appointments! What?!? None of them had that!

And the best part of all...

When I was locked out of my car at the hospital (see my last post) for 3 hours. I saw a lot of doctors coming and going. A lot.

The only doctor to even acknowledge me sitting there looked very familiar to me. I thought I knew him. Well, guess who it was.... the obgyn. The one I had just chosen! He smiled and gave me a little head nod. None of the other doctors even looked up. So this tells me... he is kind and friendly! I think I picked a good one!

I'll let y'all know. My appointment with him is tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Can't wait to follow along with you on this exciting journey!

  2. That's great. I LOVE my obgyn and it's definitely very important to have one you're happy with and that makes you feel comfortable. I'm excited for you and your journey. I was there not very long ago, trying to conceive and of course being pregnant. It's the best journey ever!

  3. Thanks for your comments!! I'm way new at this blogging thing. If you have any tips... let me know! :)