Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Love You Forever

I remember in kindergarten, going to the school library with my class. The librarian read us a book called "Love You Forever." I remember how hard she was crying, and how I had to fight back tears after hearing the story. I was 5. 

Maybe it was because the teacher was crying or maybe I sort of got it. But this book has always made me emotional. If you have never read it, it's about a little boy who's mom rocks his to sleep and sings him a song. She sings to him each night as the little boy grows up, until he's a grown man. She continues to rock and sing to him while he sleeps. At the end, the boy gets a call that his mom is very sick and he picks her up and rocks her back and forth singing the song. Then, he goes home to his own house and rocks his new baby girl back and forth singing the lullaby his mom always sang to him. t.e.a.r.s.

So, this week at school, we are doing an author study on Robert Mulsch. (I teach first grade to the sweetest group of kids ever. seriously. it's the best) I had several of his books sitting out and of course, my students wanted me to read this one. So, I did. I actually was able to hold it together. (some of the kids thought the story was funny. It is really creepy that she still rocks him to sleep... and they were giggling. I can't really blame them though) 

So I asked, "do you think Robert wrote this book to be funny?" My little Alyssa piped up and said, "No. He is trying to show that even when you grow up, your mom will still love you just like she did when you were her baby. Because you will always be her baby." 

Then, I looked around the room and could see all their little minds soaking this up. I could even see tears swelling up in some of their eyes. They got it too. Just like I did. 

(click above to watch the video)

This is why I love kids and so badly want a baby of our own.

Before Baby Lady


  1. I love that book and read it to my babies too. I also have to fight back tears every time I read it. My two year old loves and we always read it in the rocking chair so we can rock with it.

  2. One of my all time favorites to read to my little ones. :)

  3. Aww so sweet. Thanks for sharing. Running to the library for this one :)

  4. I just read about 10 of your blog post. ;) This is good information for me as we are in that process of trying soon. xoox