Monday, 6 May 2013

month 10 or maybe month 3?

I'm not sure if when you miscarry you have to start over counting your months ttc. Does anyone know the answer to that question? We have been trying since August which makes 10 months. But, if you take out the month I was pregnant and the month we had to wait after miscarrying it makes 8 months. Or maybe this is just the third month?

Well I got my period this morning. So, no Mexico baby for us. : ( I will say that I feel much more relaxed and not worried about getting pregnant. I know that I can get pregnant. I figured it took 6 months before, so it will probably take about 6 months this time. We're a third of the way to 6 months of trying after miscarriage. Of course I hope it is much faster!

My period was actually a few days late, and I hardly cared. I did take a test, but when it was negative I just moved on. Before, I would have tested every day and worried myself sick.

I got sick on Friday and went to the doctor on Saturday. I have strep throat. The penicillin shot didn't help much at all, so I'm home sick today. I'm hoping the doctor will just call me in an antibiotic, so I don't have to go back in.

In other news, I will be teaching kindergarten next year!! I decided on Friday and called and asked my principal for the position. I thought all year that this would be my last year teaching. When it took me most of the year to get pregnant, I got pregnant just in time to take the next few years off! I was so happy to not have to teach anymore! I really love my job, but it's wearing on me. I'm in such a low income area, the kids are absolutely terrible and the parents are even worse. It has been the. worst. year. ever. I could not picture myself going back next year. I don't want to be bitter about it. I don't want to think everyday I should be home with my baby. So, I'm moving to kinder. I get excited just thinking about it. I know this will be the change that I need.

Hope all of you guys had a great weekend! : )


  1. YAY for a much needed change! That will help get your mind off the baby and it will happen before you know it! :)

  2. I'm so happy you've been able to stay so positive! And how exciting that you'll e a kindergarten teacher!! So fun :)

  3. Yay for good news in the job area!! I still think and about pray for you even when you're not updating!! I'm rooting for ya, girl!