Monday, 23 July 2012

my attitude adjustment and kitchen clean up!

Well, I'm now going on 7 days late and still no period. I was really stressing but today I've gained some peace. Tests are all still negative, but I learned that you can still ovulate again before you get your next period. So, if I skipped this period, I could still ovulate again in a few weeks if my period doesn't come before then. I'll just wait and see what happens. I have really been upset this week and I'm glad to have a different outlook. I did schedule a doctor appointment tomorrow. I'm not sure if I'll go or not now. I may end up canceling. If you guys know any other info. about missed periods and ovulation, let me know. I'm sure it will come sometime, but until then, I'm not giving up hope that we  have to wait for my period. Maybe I'll ovulate again when I was supposed to. Cross your fingers!

To keep myself busy this summer, I've been doing some cleaning and organizing around the house. I figured I'd share some pictures. Maybe it will help someone out! I'll do separate posts for each space.

Our kitchen has very little cabinet space, so I've had to get really creative on storage.

hooks for measuring cups
 shelves for extra room

spices and oils


All of my baking ingredients. I'm going to label these one day!

Protein powder, oatmeal, cereal, potatoes, onions
Shelf with sandwich bags, plastic wraps, and trash bags. Pie plate with all liquids keeps things from getting sticky

Pantry door with drink mixes and foils

I got most of my storage from wal-mart and home goods. This makes cooking dinner a little more fun
 : )


  1. Stress can delay your period due to hormonal fluctuation... AND if you are just getting off BC within the last 6+ months it can still really range from days of your cycle... I've been anywhere from 27-37...

    1. just reading this! guess my cycle is the same way usually 30 but this time it was 37 days. thanks for reading!

  2. Boo!!! Tell your uterus to hurry up! LOL! :) ((HUGS)) to you, Friend! And OMG, your kitchen and pantry is the bomb. What I LOVE most is the shelving you put on the inside of the pantry door for your aluminum foil, etc. That is awesome!!

    1. haha! I think your comment gave me a kick in the uterus! CD 1 is today : ) Thanks so much!