Tuesday, 24 July 2012

laundry room and closet organization

Our laundry room
The baskets are for my steam mop, garmen bags, sewing and fabric. The jars are oxy clean, clothes pins, and dryer sheets.
My sweet father-in-law put the clothes rod up for me a few weeks ago! Now our clothes can dry without covering the entire kitchen table!
This is a shelf that I added wheels to and a spring loaded rod. For the cover, I just took a sheet and cut it to size and slipped the rod through the hem line. 
This is where I keep our cleaning supplies, rags, and ironing.
Coat closet
The baskets are for scarves, reuseable bags, and shoes.

This is the linen closet. beach towels, guest sheets, master sheets, and blankets. 

UPDATE: I had originally scheduled a doctor's appointment for today. But ended up canceling it because cycle day 1 officially started today!! 8 days late, but I'm so relieved! It's exciting to start this cycle as it's our first official TTC month! I can't wait to see what happens in the next few months!!


  1. You're so organized! I love it. I'm excited that you get to start trying this month!! I hope this is your month. I really can't wait til we can start trying again.

    1. Thanks Bridgett! I'm excited too! I can't wait for you as well. Hopefully time will go quickly!

  2. I LOOOVEE organizing... baskets are the best! It looks fabulous!:)

  3. Love following your blog & organization!