Saturday, 11 August 2012

The 2 week wait...

Our first month of baby making is well underway! My last post, I was frustrated with my really late period and mad because it made our planned baby making trip (which should have been around ovulation time) not a baby making trip after all. Just a relax by the pool trip. Which now, I'm thinking is even better. We had such a fun time, there was no stress or worry about drinking. I had a few drinks every day and didn't feel bad about it.

We got back from our trip on a Sunday and for the past week, have had lots of fun! ; ) (Just for my record: days 11, 14, 16, 17, 18)  I got a positive OPK on Wednesday afternoon (day 16) So, I'm hoping we were able to time things pretty well. My OPK's turn positive 12-36 hours before ovulation. I'm saying that I ovulated on day 17... 24 hours after the positive OPK I had a few ovulation pains.

My plan is to try to stay really busy the next two weeks. This will be my last week of summer. I'm hoping to spend some time with my niece and nephew and go swimming/shopping with the kids and my sister.

Today is day 19. My cycles are 30 days long. I would be due for the terrible aunt flow on august 22. So I could test 5 days before that... But what I really want is to wait until August 24 on my birthday. How awesome would it be to get a positive test on my birthday? But then I think if it's negative, it would probably ruin my day.

What do you guys think I should do? Test early or on my birthday?


  1. I've always tried to wait to test, but I could never do it. Test early, but make sure your hubby is there. With my first I tested without him because I was sure I wasn't and I had to call him at work. Good luck and lots of baby dust your way!

  2. Yay! We're just one week ahead of you right now in our "wait". I was going to test this morning because I am now 5 days before my period should arrive but I resisted. I'm doing everything I can to stay calm and stay busy. I love having your blogs to read so someone is going through the same thing I am. I think we were off on our days. (Day 6, 8, 11, 13, 16, 17) Too random! I read it could happen as early as day 6 and as late as day 18...that's too big of a gap. I'm not going to use the ovulation kit until 3 months of trying (hopefully that won't happen). GOOD LUCK :) I hope you're having fun :)

  3. I would test before your birthday, that way it doesn't ruin your birthday if it's neg, but if it's positive you will be able to celebrate that too, on your birthday!! Good luck!

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