Thursday, 16 August 2012

I'm going crazy.

I've done so good with this two week wait thing. Until today.... omg! I'm going nuts! The past few days are dragging by... I just want to know already!!!!! Every little cramp makes me thing I'm pregnant. Then, when I feel nothing for several hours and start to think I'm not, then here come the cramps again. 

Today is 7 dpo (7 days past ovulation). I still haven't decided when I'll test. I was going to on Saturday or Sunday (10 dpo) but we are going to the in-laws for the night. I start back to work on Monday. 

 This is harder than I thought. I'm praying for patience yall.


  1. So hard!! I ended up not having to wait as long as I thought...I'm back to Day I'm in my 2nd cycle :( Good luck!!!

  2. Just wait as long as you can. Try to wait several days after an expected period. It is hard, but I think it keeps you from getting so disappointed or even having false negatives from trying too early and smashing your hopes. Good luck and just try not to think about it... I swear it always happens when you don't think about it.

  3. You're not out until your period comes! Fingers crossed for you!!