Monday, 16 June 2014


Last week, a big box came that said refrigerate immediately! I opened it up and felt really intimidated. There was a sharps container and needles and meds, oh my! The gonal f comes in a preloaded pen, like an epi pen, so all you have to do it twist it to the right dose and put a needle on the end. It is really easy to administer. I was at my parents' house this weekend when I needed to take the first injection. My younger sister was there and said she would help me because my husband didn't come. My sister use to give herself shots in her stomach for some weird diet, so I felt a little better about it. She kept saying, "I'm a nurse, I'm just not registered." It was cracking me up! Anyways, I did freak out a little bit looking at that needle, so I told her to do it fast. I didn't feel it at all!! So then the next night, I was back home and told my husband what to do. For some reason, I freaked out again with him holding that needle pointing at me. So I did it myself while he counted. Whew! I'm so glad I can give them on my own! I feel really proud of myself! It helps that it doesn't hurt. So bring it on infertility!!! you don't scare me.

Tomorrow is my appointment to count the follies and see how many there are. Please pray there aren't too many! We will have to cancel the whole things if there are too many : /


  1. hope tomorrow's appointment goes great and there aren't TOO many follies!

  2. I just got caught up on everything that is going on. I really hope your appointment went well!! Thinking of you!