Saturday, 12 July 2014

iui #3

My test was negative. I'm so sorry i didnt update! I completely forgot. We decided to do another iui. probably our last one. My husband said we could move on to ivf this fall if it doesnt work. i am freaking out guys. we are getting so so close to doing something that might actually work! I'm terrified of it failing, of finding out whats wrong, of not getting very many embryos to freeze, of having too many to freeze and not knowing what to do with them, of miscarrying again... i could go on and on. i cant even think about it because it gives me such anxiety. i just feel like this will be our last chance. we wont be able to afford this again probably for a long time. if it fails, i dont know what I'll do with myself. for now, im trying to think positively that we may not even have to do it. please pray this iui will work! i started my injections on our 5th anniversary. i told my husband, we would have never believed this would be our future. but it is. and I'm so ready to feel like my old self again. happy.


  1. More happy thoughts and prayers coming your way!!! :)

  2. I'll never stop praying for you!!!! And Happy Belated Anniversary to you and your Hubs.