Sunday, 12 October 2014

My trial transfer

On Thursday, we went in for our trial transfer. I paid my $6000 (ouch) At this appointment, they practice inserting the catheter into the uterus for the embryo transfer. I think it's just to make sure the cervix is easy to bypass and lets the doctors have a practice run. Mine went really smoothly. It took probably 2 minutes and my doctor said the transfer would be no problem.

After that, we met with our nurse for our teaching session. Can I just say that I loved her. Like really, really loved her. This is super important and I'm so glad she's mine! She was bubbly, positive, and really reassuring. She gave me her personal email address and phone number... how nice is that?  I love her already. She went over everything with us including our calendar and medicine protocol.

It looks like I'll be starting my injections on the 25th of this month. I'll be taking follistim for 5 days. This causes lots of eggs to grow. Then I'll start doing 2 injections each night, follistim and ganirelix. Ganirelix prevents the eggs from ovulating too soon. I'll continue both of these injections for about another 5-7 days. Then, once the eggs are mature, I'll take my trigger shot and my retrieval will be scheduled for 36 hours later.

My nurse answered all the questions I had. Like, I won't have to take those awful PIO injections that leave knots and nerve damage. you guys have no idea how happy this made me! What a relief! I also won't be starting any injections for another two weeks. This works out perfectly because we planned on going on a trip next weekend. I was so worried about having to cancel or fly with meds. So the trip is on! We're going to Kansas City for the Ryan Adams concert. By far our favorite artist ever. We've been dreaming of going for years. Also, the nurse said I could do afternoon/evening appointments!! So that means no missing school or busting my butt to get to my appointments and back in my 45 minute planning period. After the meeting, I felt like everything I was worried about was completely worked out. No painful injections, concert is on, and juggling school is no problem. What a blessing!

Right now I'm just waiting on the pharmacy to call me back for a quote on the meds. I'm also checking to see if anything is covered on my insurance. On Blue Cross Blue Shield, my Gonal-F was almost completely covered which saved us about $900 each month. Of course, my district switched insurance carries so I think we will end up paying out of pocket. But we will see.

I can't believe in about two weeks I'll start injections! I've never been so excited about shots in my life : )


  1. Game on, Girlie, and I love this attitude!! You are owning it, and I can't wait to see it all work out beautifully!! Big hugs ~Cindi

  2. Hope the next two weeks pass quickly, and then I'll be FXing and T&Ping for you!!

  3. Recently discovered your blog and am finding myself rooting for you right out of the gate. Keep positive and know there is a bigger plan for you and your family in the making. Hoping the next few weeks fly by!! ;)