Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Some good news!

Gosh I was so nervous about my appointment today. I had read about girls that took months for their cysts to go away. All day Monday and Tuesday I was feeling all sorts of weird things in my ovaries, almost to the point where I wanted to call the nurse. But today I felt nothing. 

At my sonogram today the cyst was completely gone!! This made me so, so happy! My doctor seemed really surprised. So now all that I need is for my estrogen level to drop a little lower. It went from almost 600 to now 156. I think they need it under 100 or maybe it's under 50. I can't remember. but I go back on Friday for another blood draw. If it's lower, I'll start my injections Saturday!! yay yay yay!! I'm feeling really good about it now that the cyst is gone. I know my estrogen levels will eventually fall down even if it's not by Friday. It will probably be really soon. I mean it dropped so fast in just one week. 

So Friday is blood work and my nurse will teaching me how to administer the follistim injection. Praying that we'll be ready to go on Saturday : ) if so, I'll do shots the next two weeks, egg retrieval is around November 13th, transfer is around the 19th and pregnancy test around Thansgiving day. Don't even get me started on that... oh how thankful would I be.

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  1. What great news! It's crazy how our bodies work.On to bigger and better things! You got this!