Sunday, 11 November 2012

feeling hopeful this month

This is the middle of cycle #4. I never would have thought it would take this long. I've been off birth control 8 months now.

I posted last time about my husband's company being sold and the possibility of being laid off. We decided to put ttc on hold until things were figured out, but after lots of begging DH decided we could continue. I'm feeling really grateful that we got to try again this month. Then on Thursday after 4 years, DH got a promotion at work! It's one of those pay cut promotions that will allow tons of potential in about a year. So thankful for this! He really needed this. I'm relieved that he is excited and confident about himself again.

I never got a positive opk this month... I'm not sure what to think about that. I tested 3 days in a row and nothing. My temp did finally go up so I know I ovulated for sure yesterday. So I'm 1 day past ovulation today. I guess we will find out in about 2 weeks!!

Yesterday was a sad day for me. I think I'm just so busy at work, I don't have time to really think about it until the weekend. Well, Friday night I had a dream we had a baby. I've never had a dream like this before. I woke up feeling really sad on Saturday and it kinda lingered all day. I think it didn't help that I still hadn't gotten a positive opk and my temp was still low. My sweet husband kept saying, maybe you already are pregnant. We were laying on the couch and he laid his head on my stomach and said, "yeah, I hear something cooking up in there." so funny! He had no idea what he was talking about. I told him it was just my lunch. haha! he was trying hard to cheer me up.

I'm hopeful this month. I'll be praying so hard that this month finally works!


  1. I'm glad you get to keep trying and congrats to your husband for his promotion :) My fingers are always crossed for you! We're on Cycle 5 now, day 4. I have good feelings about this one too!! Good luck!!

  2. Good luck! Thinking of you always!