Monday, 21 January 2013

telling our families!

We decided to go ahead and tell our good news to our parents and siblings. After we found out Thursday night, we went to dinner at Potbelly's and had sandwiches. We were so excited! I didn't get hardly any sleep that night. My mind was going crazy, and I felt nervous/excited. That whole day my stomach hurt from the excitement! I couldn't hardly eat anything. I wanted to burst, but I didn't tell a soul. I wanted to tell my sister first, because I knew how bad she felt having to tell me she was pregnant only 3 days earlier. After work, we drove over to their house.  I had texted her earlier and told her we were coming over to borrow a ladder. She almost caught me because it was getting dark. She said she could just bring the ladder over tomorrow morning. (we planned on meeting my mom and younger sister to shop for bridesmaids dresses the next morning.) I told her we would come over anyway. The drive to their house was sooo long. My heart was beating out of my chest. After a few minutes, told them we had some news. My sister started crying and they were so happy! My little nephew was in the room and he started cheering and shouting. (not because he understood, just because the rest of us were being so loud.) he was so cute! We are going to wait to tell my niece until the doctor's appointment.

That night, I slept a little bit better, but not much. Saturday morning, my sister and I drove 2 hours to meet my mom and other sister. We talked the whole way about pregnancy and babies. It was so fun! We met my family at McAlisters. Once we sat down, my older sister said, "man, september is going to be a busy month." I said, "yeah, with her baby coming at the beginning of september, and mine coming at the end..." my mom's mouth dropped open! She hugged me and cried. They were really surprised! Just a few days before, I had been on the phone bawling my eyes out about not being pregnant. She was thrilled!

When we went to try on dresses, it was kinda strange. I will be 8 weeks postpartum (God willing) at the wedding. So, I didn't really know what size of dress to buy. Neither did my sister. I tried my dress on with a tiny little baby bump pillow. It was strange to see myself with a little belly!

I called my dad on the phone after that, and told him I had some good news. He was so cute! he said "I'll be, 2 babies in one month! I bet your mother is tickled to death!"

That night, my husband's oldest brother and his wife were coming in town for a friend's birthday party. We drove over there to tell them. The first thing my sister-in-law asked was do you want some wine? I said sure! Then, my husband said, oh no, she can't have wine. There was a really long pause. And then they figured it out and congratulated us.

We went to bed really late that night, and I didn't sleep well again. Sunday afternoon we drove to my in-laws house. On our way, we called my husband's other brother and wife. He said, "What do you think Liam would think about having a cousin?" They were both super surprised and happy for us!

My husband said he had waited to tell his mom this for so long. He was really excited. We told them we were driving through town and were going to stop by. He lied and said I was meeting my family for wedding planning. He put the little ranger shoes in his shorts pocket. When we pulled up to their house, his mom was inside and his dad was working outside. We couldn't get them in the same place for a while. I was getting so anxious! Finally, his dad came over from working on the fence and his mom came outside. Dillon asked them if they had seen the late Christmas present I had gotten for him. They said no and he pulled the little shoes out of his pocket. There was another long pause, and then they freaked out. My mother-in-law gave me a big hug with tears in her eyes. Both of them were ecstatic! They said they thought I was pregnant at Christmas, but I wasn't yet.

It was so nice to spend the weekend with them! Late that night, his sister called us back and Dillon told her "we are pregnant. I mean Lindsey is pregnant!" haha it was cute! When I talked to her she said she knew how excited I was. She knew how I had wanted this since I was about...  5 years old : )

Before we left the next day, my sweet mother-in-law took us took a store and we bought a sweet little outfit for our baby!

After telling all of our family, I finally slept that night. After about two days, my stomach stopped hurting and now I have been sooo hungry! I still can't believe this is my life. I feel so blessed and happier than I've ever been before. I've been really emotional lately. When I think about meeting our baby, and kissing their sweet little face. My heart almost bursts. Best feeling ever.

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