Sunday, 20 January 2013

You're going to be a dad!

As soon as I had the digital test. I got to work, all while crying and sobbing. I knew my husband would be home soon and I wanted to surprise him. The surprise I had had planned for over a year, dreaming of this day, it was finally here! I grabbed the shoe box I had saved, threw in some tissue paper, and the gift I bought last spring (my husband loves nothing likes he loves the texas rangers), and set it all up on the dining room table.

Then,  I texted at around 6:

Me: When will you be home?
DH: 7:30
Me: Want me to meet you for dinner in Dallas?
DH: Why don't you just make some salmon?
Me: Ok. Sounds good.
DH: traffic big time. (7:15)
Me: Shoot! I just put the fish in.
DH: At least 40 minutes.
DH: Closer to an hour.
Me: sure I shouldn't meet you. I'm starving.
DH: I'm stuck. Can't meet. Grr kill me.
Me: Sorry bear.

DH: At least another 40 minutes. Maybe longer.

I was freaking out. It kept dragging on and on. I went ahead and started cooking. Then, I set up the camera to video him coming in the door. I'm sort of really embarrassed to post this. I look terrible and I cut the heads off. Plus, we have all these strange names for each other and I can't stand my voice. But here it is anyways....

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