Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Our First IUI

Well today we did our first IUI. I woke up this morning feeling excited, nervous, anxious, scared... I was so glad my husband was in a pretty good mood. He didn't seem that anxious, thank goodness! I was worried because he was going to obtain his sample in the office this time instead of at home. I know that must be such a horrible thing... so awkward and so much pressure. We got to the appointment around 9:15 and he went back to provide his sample. After that was done, we went to chick-fila and had breakfast and then went to bed bath and beyond. We were trying to blow some time until the sample would be ready. We headed back to the doctor around 10:15 and had my sonogram around 10:30. The 2 large follicles were still there which meant I hadn't ovulated yet. They had also grown from 21 to 24. The nurse left for a while and came back and said that I would need a second hcg trigger shot to trigger ovulation. It takes 24-36 hours for these to work and it hadn't quite been 24 hours yet. I really didn't want the second injection because they're 200 dollars a piece and it's just more drugs pumped in my body. We went ahead with it though and went down to the pharmacy to pick up the shot. Then, we headed to the lab to receive our washed sperm. I was so eager to get on with the iui, I didn't even think to check the numbers on the sperm washing. When I finally looked, I was pleasantly surprised! His numbers were really pretty good with 9 million after the washing. That means 9 million really good swimmers! We took it all back to the ob and they administered the second shot and we waited for the doctor. He came in and was cracking jokes about the possibility of twins and how sad it is that it's actually fun for some women to get pregnant (the procedure hurt some.) It wasn't really too bad, but he had trouble getting my cervix to open and had to pinch me with a tenneculum (sp?) which caused a lot of cramping and discomfort but it was over pretty quickly. Once the catheter was inserted all the way to the top of the uterus, he said, "send in the soldiers!" haha! and then it was all over! I laid there for over 30 minutes. I just feel really bloated and kinda crampy. I'm having a little bleeding from the tenneculum and some nausea from the injections, but I'm feeling pretty hopeful. I'm praying so hard that this will actually work and we will have a sweet baby (or two!) on the way before Christmas!! Nothing would make me happier. I would really appreciate prayers for the next two weeks. I know it will be the longest two weeks of my life, but hopefully there will be good news at the end of all this. : )


  1. I'll be praying! Hope this is it for you!!! xoxo

  2. I'm so glad it all went well for you today! I was thinking about you and will continue sending happy thoughts your way for the next two weeks! So exciting!

  3. I just want to life your spirits a little bit... I just got caught up on your posts. My sister just ended their infertility journey of 3 years. Her husband started with 1 sperm on each slide... ONE! They just had their baby girl last Monday and they got pregnant ON THIER OWN! :) I'm praying for you!

    1. thank you for this amazing story. God is so good! what a miracle!

  4. Thinking and praying for you! So glad the procedure went well and didn't cause you much discomfort

  5. I'm just now seeing this!! I'm so excited for you! I'll be praying so hard! I'm so glad everything went well.