Monday, 2 December 2013

on our way to iui!

I don't know wether to be excited or nervous. I'm also feeling like I shouldn't get my hopes up. This is all just so much to process. But, I started my 5 days of clomid last Sunday. The only symptom I really had was nausea. It kinda came and went, but feeling sick at Thanksgiving wasn't much fun. I didn't really mind though beacuse I'll do anything to get pregnant!

Today was my first sonogram to check on the results of the clomid. I was excited to see how things looked but I was also nervous that something would be wrong. The first thing the sonogram technician said was my lining looked really thick. That made me excited because I was very nervous about this. Clomid has a tendency to thin the lining making it harder for the embryo to implant. So this was really good news! She quickly started moving her wand back and forth between my two ovaries. She said that I have 2 really big follicles, one on each side. She said, "you know you have a chance of twins right?" and I said yes! She began taking pictures and measuring them. They both measured right at 21. Which she said is perfect. Then she let me know the iui would need to be tomorrow! It wasn't supposed to be until maybe thursday or friday, but it looks like we are getting it done sooner than we thought! They then sent me to the pharmacy in the hospital to pick up an hcg trigger shot. This shot triggers ovulation to help with timing. I went back to the office and waited for the nurse to administer the test and then ran to school to do some sub. plans since I won't be working tomorrow.

I would really appreciate prayers for tomorrow. Specifically, that my husbands sample is really good. This has always been the factor that has caused such a struggle for us. I'm most worried about this aspect. I just know that his numbers need to be high or we won't have much of a chance. Prayers also for perfect timing and a calm mind.

I'll let yall know how it goes. My husband's appointment is at 9:15, then he will give the sample to them for the sperm washing. This takes about half an hour and they will separate the semen from the sperm and clean it up. Then  I have an appointment at 10:30 for a second sonogram and the IUI will be right after that. They said to bring a book because I'll lay down for half an hour afterwards.

!!!!! I'm so excited, but I also don't want to get my hopes up. Prayers please!!