Sunday, 8 December 2013

This ice is driving me mad!

Well this is our third full day of being iced in!! We have about 2 inches of ice on the roads and haven't been able to go anywhere! I'm going crazyyyyy! There's nothing to do but read and watch t.v.

School was canceled on Friday, so I got the day off. During the two week wait, everyone tells you to stay busy to keep your mind off it. Like it's really easy to dismiss the idea that a baby could be growing in your belly?!?  I've found it's been harder  when you are stuck indoors. I'm having trouble keeping my mind busy. The good news is, we have almost made it halfway through the two week wait. We have about a week left to go. I think I'll be testing Monday night, because my husband wants me to wait until Monday. We have both seen how upset testing makes me and don't want a false positive.

I actually took an opk (ovulation test) this morning just to see. I thought that would be better than taking a pregnancy test. It was very positive, just what I thought. This is due to fertility drugs. So, I may take one of those about every other day until the line fades. Just because I'm bored!

For now, I'm trying to stay busy by reading. I've finished Endearing Love and started Gone Girl. Both books are incredible! I'm so thankful for my kindle. I really would have been going crazy without the past few days! New books in an instant!

I'm still remaining very hopeful! I did a little research (I know I shouldn't have) but I think we have about a 25% chance of the iui working. Mostly due to the fact that we had 2 follicles, I don't have fertility issues, and we are young. Makes me feel a little better, but I really don't want to get my hopes up. I will be so heartbroken! Every time I feel excited, I tell myself, "but it probably won't work. 25% isn't that high." I'm just ready for this to be done... the ice and the two week wait : )

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