Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Retrieval is done!

I'm so happy it's over with!! I was surprised at how well I slept last night. Usually when I'm nervous, I don't sleep well. Last night, I had a mild meltdown when I had to do the enema. My husband whipped that thing out of the box and I thought I was going to die. I'm pretty sure it should have been for a large mammal. But I got over it eventually and it all went fine.

This morning was I a little more nervous and feeling bad. I was just ready to get there and get things started. Of course my husband is all cool and collected and says he isn't nervous at all. I read from my daily devotional and found some peace. We headed over at around 8:20 and got there before 9. We didn't have to wait long at all. They took me back to get my vitals and then called for my husband to do his sample. I thought he would come right back so I didn't really tell him bye. Then my nurse took me to the recovery room and I changed into a gown and cap. It was so cold in there. I was going to be the second retrieval of the day, so I could hear them prepping the girl next to me. This just made me more nervous. I talked with the doctor for a minute and the anesthesiologist. Everyone was very nice. I asked the anesthesiologist if my husband could come back and they said he couldn't. : ( they had changed the protocol. So I sat in the room by myself for about 30 minutes waiting for them to finish up the first girl. I heard her come back and they said something about her needing a stitch and I got scared.   I was getting a little upset being alone and started crying. I brought my devotional and continued to read until it was my time. They took me into the retrieval room, and I laid down on this big table. I remember looking up at this weird painting of a lady nursing her baby in beautiful robes. (kinda strange). We were all kinda talking about the painting and the nurse said the woman only had 3 fingers and not to worry, I would wake up with all my fingers intact. haha I talked with my anesthesiologist for a little while. He was starting the IV and i started crying again. I wasn't really sure why. I told him it didn't hurt and I was just nervous. The doctor came in and told me he liked my socks... Then things started spinning and that's all I remember. I woke up back in the recovery room and started crying again. I don't know why. I was in some pain... like how I felt when I miscarried. The doctor peeked his head in and told me I did great and they got 19 eggs. I ate my crackers and gatorade and they took my vitals again. Then the nurse walked me out front to meet my husband.

My husband asked how it went and I said okay. I still felt really sad and weepy. I told him I was crying a lot and he said the doctors came and talked to him. The doctors said it took them a long time to get me knocked out because I was crying uncontrollably and very emotional. They said I let all of my stress out right there on the table and that I should maybe find a way to relax or get some anxiety meds. : ( really embarrassing. I'm not sure what my problem was. But I mean I am completely pumped up on tons of meds, was a nervous wreck, hurting and all alone. He told him they got 18 eggs maybe more. So I'm not sure if it's 18 or 19 really.

I think I've tried so hard to not let any of this get to me. Pretending like it's not happening so I don't freak myself out. My subconscious must have needed to release the fear once I was under. Really weird. After about an hour I felt a lot better. The cramping has mostly gone away but it still hurts to get up and move around.

My husband's numbers were 38 million and 38% fast motility which is all considered above average. : ) yay!!!

The nurses will call me tomorrow and let me know how many fertilized! I can't wait! Thank you everyone for the prayers and sweet comments! Keep them coming : )


  1. What an inspiration you continue to be. And what a crazy few days for you both!! Thank you again for sharing your story. The positive thoughts and prayers are continuously headed your way. Hoping tomorrow is one of your favorite days ever!

  2. Ah! Haven't been on in a few days, I'm so behind!! You're so brave - thinking about you!!