Tuesday, 11 November 2014

retrieval is tomorrow!!

Monday we went to the doctor for another sonogram. My follicles had matured quite a bit. I can't remember the sizes. I think most were 15-18 and he measured about 20 of them. This time we met with the head doctor of the practice he was so, so kind and caring. He came in and said he was very hopeful this would work for us and asked us how many kids we wanted. (I liked that : )  ). When he did the sonogram he was way more gentle and I really appreciated that. I was scared all morning of how much it hurt last time and this time it was okay. He said my lining was textbook. It had 3 rings and that was what is ideal. (no idea what that means) Then he said I should be an egg donor because of how many follicles I had. It's nice to hear these things. But discouraging that we still don't know what's wrong.

He talked to us about how a lot of couples end up doing IVF for the first baby and then the other babies come naturally. The pregnancy opens up the channels in your body and figures out what to do. Sounds good to me haha

The confusing part was when he said I should only transfer one embryo instead of two. He said a twin pregnancy could intensify the symptoms of over stimulation (OHSS) due to great levels of hormones and my ovaries would be too swollen for twins and cause a really uncomfortable pregnancy. I told him I was most scared of over stimulation and he said he thought I would be fine. Last week they said I would get a lupron trigger instead of the hcg trigger because it lowers the risk of OHSS. But at the appointment he said I would be fine with the hcg trigger. I talked to him a little while longer about the triggers and then he changed his mind. He decided to do the lupron just to be safe.

I was so glad to do the lupron instead, but really disappointed about transferring only one. I would be so happy with a singleton pregnancy of course, I just want to increase my chances of it working the first time. I really don't want to have to go through this again or a frozen transfer.

I emailed my nurse and asked her if I could transfer 2 now that we've changed to a lupron trigger and she said we'd wait and see.

So I triggered last night at 11 pm and today at 11 am. Nothing like doing a shot real quick in the bathroom at school. That was my lost shot and I was so happy about it! I got a little teary eyed! The directions for the next few days are really overwhelming. So. much. to. remember.

Between the blood draws, exact timing of injections, when to take the 8 different medications over the next 2 weeks, and directions for the retrieval... I'm stressed. (also exhausted, nervous, swollen, excited, grateful, swollen... did i mention swollen and sore. I can hardly move.

Tomorrow morning we head over at around 8:30. I'm so nervous. Be back to let yall know how it goes : )


  1. Eeee! So exciting! Thinking about you and sending happy wishes your way!

  2. Have been thinking about you all. day. long.!!! Prayer and hugs.....